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Harness Racing Drivers

Standardbred Stars
Sponsorship, endorsement and licensing opportunities are available with 37 top harness racing drivers and trainers stable including John Campbell, David Miller, Luc Oullette, Dave Palone, Ron Pierce, Brian Sears and Trond Smedshammer.

Pennsylvania Turnpike

America's First Superhighway - traveled annually by around 400 million consumers for commercial, commuter, personal, and tourist purposes. These consumers offer opportunities to reach a vast traveling public. Each day approximately 500,000 vehicles enter/exit the 500 + miles of Turnpike roadway.

University of Pennsylvania

Universities As Sites For Citizenship
Penn leads the way on a global
higher education sponsorship platform. Studies at several hundred schools
will focus on Democracy in Education,
Civic Responsibility, and Corporate Citizenship.

Gettysburg Village

The Gettysburg Address For Great Shopping... And More

Developing and Activating
Innovative Branding Rights Programs

Brand Owners

As a brand owner you want to reach a mobile, communicative audience. Branding Rights LLC will align your brand with a highly visible platform to successfully activate your branding strategy.

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Property Owners

As a property owner (physical, intellectual or celebrity) you may be overlooking a considerable source of recurring revenue. Branding Rights LLC will evaluate and assess your property, design a rights program to attract relationships with global, national or regional brands, and unlock opportunities for new revenue streams.

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