Presenting A First-Ever Higher Education Sponsorship Platform
Covering 400 Campuses in the United States and Around the World


A Comprehensive Study and Analysis of
Democratic Education, Civic Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship

Developing Best Practices for
Classrooms, Boardrooms, Communities and Society


The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) is the administrative center of a worldwide research project known as the Universities as Sites for Citizenship (USC). The main goals of the USC Project are 1) the spread of democratic values and skills, and 2) the infusion of principles of responsible citizenship for individuals and corporations around the world.

USC is designed to research and analyze what institutions of higher education are doing to educate students as citizens of their communities, future corporate employers and societies. Information and data accumulated will be disseminated with suggestions and ideas for new policies and means to effectuate change. Courses, programs and multimedia presentations will be packaged for educational and commercial initiatives.

The importance and relevance of a project of this scope has become even more critical in the post-9/11 environment. Democracy and corporate responsibility are foundations for private enterprise and economic growth. Colleges and universities are strategic institutions for development and stability in established and new democracies, with access to present and future leaders. They are connected globally through commitments to knowledge and locally as gateways to education.

Implementation of the USC Project includes:

· Identifying best practices in college and university education and research in the study of democratic education, civic responsibility and corporate governance

· Providing a catalyst for global dialogue on the issues of democracy and citizenship

· Application of findings via outreach to social institutions, corporations and governmental organizations


The USC Project has three phases:

1. A Pilot Study (completed) consisting of research surveys of students, faculty and administrators at colleges and universities in the United States (15), Europe (15) and other countries in Asia and Africa

2. In 2005, expansion of research surveys to 400 institutions around the world, including 125 in the United States, 125 in Europe, and 150 in other countries. 

3. Compilation and analysis of research results with recommendations and worldwide distribution of materials.


Pilot Study Seed Funding - $250,000.00 (Completed)
· Council of Europe
· National Science Foundation (NSF)
· University of Pennsylvania

Associates and Collaborators
· The International Consortium on Higher Education, Civic Responsibility and Democracy
· American Association of Higher Education (AAHE)
· American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU)
· American Council for Higher Education (ACE)
· Campus Compact (U.S.)
· Council of Ministers (Europe)
· Standing Conference of the European Ministers of Education
· Joint Education Trust (South Africa)
· Australian Ministry of Education
· Korean Ministry of Education

(2005 – 2006)

Benefits and Deliverables
Investing in this sponsorship program will position your company as a global leader around two of the hottest topics in the world today – the advancement of democracy and responsible corporate citizenship. Funding the USC project and enabling implementation of core programs, will provide your company with tangible benefits such as:

· Enhancement of your corporate image to the college audience of students, educators and alumni

· Brand awareness via signage at events (e.g. receptions, conferences, seminars and workshops), identification on research materials and Project Web site

· Opportunities for recruitment branding

· Interaction with top administrators at participating schools and supporting organizations

· Utilization of project findings for internal employee ethics training

· Participation in the development of a multi-dimensional branding and merchandising platform

Penn Sponsorship Benefits

Available upon request.

Platform Options
·  Fundraising Events - Initial reception at Penn, receptions at other sites
· Seminar Series - at Penn and other sites
· Annual Symposiums at regional locations
· Scholarship Programs - Undergraduate, Graduate
· Internships
· Internet Partners Program (IPP)
· Site Sponsorships - Individual, Multiple
· Annual Citizenship Awards - Site Investigators, Students and Site Hosts
· Ambassador Program - Individual leaders in industry categories to endorse the Project through statements and appearances 

Types of Rights
· Geographic – local, regional, national, global
· Founding Sponsor
· Title, Presenting and Supporting Sponsors
· Category Exclusivity
· Official Product or Service Provider designation

Funding Levels
· Founding Sponsorships - $200,000.
· Total Sponsorship Funding - $5,000,000



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