Corporate, consumer and industrial brands are seeking fresh, visible platforms that are experiential and customer-centric in order to reach and energize target markets. Properties (physical, intellectual and celebrity) in untapped market spaces are prime platforms for new revenue streams. BRL goes beyond naming rights and sponsorship deals by packaging innovative programs designed to attract and activate audiences that link property owners and brand owners in value driven relationships.

Services For Property Owners:
• Portfolio mining and evaluation
• Valuation of properties as branding vehicles
• Creating the branding rights program
• Packaging of branding rights specific to each brand-property alliance
• Identification of brands with "match potential" for properties
• Marketing/sales of branding rights
• Deal management

Services For Brand Owners:
• Identification of properties to serve as branding platforms
• Developing property specific data and information to identify prospective ROI
• Working with management or external brand consultants to refine brand strategies
• Procurement of branding rights

Understanding the needs of property owners and brand owners, BRL will design a program that fits the property, demonstrates its potential as a branding platform and identifies a path to ROI for prospective branding partners.

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