A brand is more than just a name. It can portray an image, identify a lifestyle concept or provide a sense of trust and reliability. Branding rights are a bundle of rights (such as naming, sponsorship, media, content) associated with a property, offering a spectrum of options to brand owners seeking measurable ROI in a branding campaign. While naming rights may be a key element in a marketing plan, branding rights allow for greater flexibility in the overall branding strategy. Our mission at BRL is:

• To identify properties in untapped or underdeveloped market spaces to serve as branding platforms.
• To develop innovative branding rights programs providing new revenue streams for property owners and measurable ROI for brand owners.
• To be a leading force in creating value-based, brand-property alliances.

For several years sports facilities were the façade of choice for companies seeking brand awareness through naming rights agreements. With TV exposure, spectator attendance, hospitality and other benefits, many venues garnered long-term deals in excess of $100 million dollars. While demand for sports properties remained strong in 2003, there was a marked change in deliverables needed to drive the deal. Announcement of agreements between Citizens Bank and the Philadelphia Phillies (Citizens Bank Park in 6/03), and Toyota and the Houston Rockets (Toyota Center in 7/03), described both relationships as going beyond typical naming rights to provide integrative marketing opportunities.

With the increasing cost and fragmentation of traditional media, companies are seeking alternative platforms for branding programs that align with their strategic and business objectives and provide innovative ways to reach and penetrate target audiences. Branding rights programs benefit properties and brands. Property owners unlock new revenue streams and benefit from increased traffic and enhancement of overall asset value. Brand owners seize new opportunities for integrated strategies that deliver brand awareness, shareholder value and ROI.

Welcome to a brand new day.

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